"Michelle, Harla, and Lorraine are like my second family. Michelle and Harla go above and beyond to help teach you how to help your child as well as have their own techniques to get them to speak clearly or eat foods that are impossible to get near them at home. It's truly amazing how the kids go in and are excited to work. Lorraine helps makes dealing with insurance easier. The Speech Tree is a blessing to us. I don't know where I would have been without those girls."

Shirlene R.


"My twins fight over who gets to play with Harla first. Going to speech each week is a treat, not at all a chore. Harla has a wonderful way with my boys!! I highly recommend The Speech Tree. I have seen such progress with my boys since they started at The Speech Tree."

Nicole R.


"When Christina began her speech therapy with Harla she was 2 years old and only speaking about 20 words – most of them were missing the beginning sounds.  Five months later and Christina is using 4 and 5 word phrases and pronouncing many words clearly.  She is able to call her brother and sister by name and can be heard talking as she plays.  People are commenting about how well Christina is speaking.

Christina looks forward to her sessions with Harla and gets excited when I announce that “Harla is coming to play today.”  Harla always encourages Christina and cheers for her when she accomplishes something new.  Harla earned Christina’s trust and now is able to touch her face while using PROMPT.   Harla is always giving helpful hints and ideas on how we can continue to work with Christina on our own. 

Thanks to her sessions with Harla Christina has made amazing progress!"

Valerie S.


"When I was first told that my son had a feeding disorder, it was hard to hear.  No parent wants to admit anything is wrong with their child. But as a good parent I figured I'll walk through the steps and can reject the treatment, or prove them wrong after all the evaluations.

Harla came to my home to evaluate my son and I was immediately struck by how articulately she spoke with him. I found myself stepping out of the room to listen to how she verbally interacted with him and I was impressed with how she immediately tuned into his personality, his interests, what makes him tick; a Mickey show, a favorite toy. My son's response to her was very positive, and I enjoyed watching them together.

Harla demonstrated a unique ability to relate to my son and gain his trust.  Without trust there can be no progress.  Children instinctively know who to trust, and Harla's genuine caring helped my son progress.  Six months ago I couldn't even come near him with a toothbrush and now he's eagerly brushing his teeth at his request every night!  He's still having difficulty with foods, but he's excited, less afraid and eager to learn and try new foods.

Anyone can learn the facts about speech therapy, teach them, memorize them, but the ability to gain a child's trust and help the child overcome a genuine fear is like watching a flower grow. Harla waters the flower with care and then perfectly communicates everything, to me, my husband and our caregivers at Daycare, so specifically that it helps the continuity of care and progress with all involved.

I feel blessed and just plain lucky to have Harla help my son in what can be extremely stressful on a family.  I consider Harla a gift to her profession." 

Laura L.


"When our sixteen month old twins began having difficulty handling their food while eating we decided to contact a speech therapist for a feeding evaluation.  When Harla first started working with our twins she took the time to assess each one individually to identify their specific needs.  We quickly learned that our daughter was delayed with her feeding skills and our son was delayed with his speech development.  It wasn’t long before Harla was able to implement a treatment plan that met the needs of our twins and us as a family, including strategies for our two older children to engage in the twins’ progress.

The twins are approaching their 2nd birthday and they have made unbelievable progress!  Our daughter is able to handle a variety of foods and has learned to accept different textures, taking the time to chew and swallow making for a much safer meal time.  Her speech development is beyond what we expected especially when she says 3 to 4 word sentences making her needs very clear to her family.  Our son continues to surprise us every day.  He went from grunting and screeching to communicate his needs to now actually indentifying the object!

The progress our twins have made is incredible and it is all due to the hard work and dedication Harla has given us.  Harla continues to go above and beyond when working with our twins and modifies her treatment according to the pace of our twins.  Thanks to Harla we now have pleasant mealtimes and are able to engage our twins in family discussions! "

Stephanie C.