Run by Speech Language Pathologists & ABA Therapists

Helping Children Learn To:

  • Initiate interactions such as play, conversation, etc. 
  • Respond to interactions from others 
  • Engage in activities with others 
  • Initiate and maintain conversations
  • Use and understand appropriate body language 
  • Understand other people’s body language such as facial expressions 
  • Understand emotions and expressing emotions 
  • Take turns
  • Gain self control
  • Problem solve
  • Cope with teasing and bullying
  • Accept consequences (i.e. losing)

Feeding Groups

Feeding Groups


Feeding Groups are designed to help children  accept  new or undesired foods.  Led by a Speech Language Pathologist/Feeding Specialist, children learn to have positive experiences with food in a   nurturing group setting.   


Group goals include:

  • Learning mealtime routines
  • Decreasing defensiveness to touching, tasting and swallowing food
  • Increasing range of food the child will try
  • Improving oral motor and feeding skills to develop age appropriate feeding skills for adequate growth and nutrition
  • Establishing a program to continue the child's progress at home