Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups are designed to facilitate peer to peer interactions via every day activities.  Children learn to initiate and maintain friendships   through hands on tasks, such as cooking, crafts, gross motor activities,  and  community based outings.  This one of a kind group is led by both a  BCBA  (Board Certified Behavioral Analyst) and Speech Language  Pathologist. Therefore the group is able to address both behavioral challenges while targeting pragmatic and functional communication  skills. 

Group goals include:

  • Creating and maintaining friendships
  • Developing problem solving abilities during peer interaction    
  • Acquiring leisure skills, including cooperative and pretend play 
  • Establishing turn taking and joining peers in an activity 
  • Initiating conversation skills
  • Incorporating carryover strategies for families to generalize into their everyday lives

Feeding Groups

Feeding Groups are designed to help children  accept  new or undesired foods.  Led by a Speech Language Pathologist/Feeding Specialist, children learn to have positive experiences with food in a   nurturing group setting.   


Group goals include:

  • Learning mealtime routines
  • Decreasing defensiveness to touching, tasting and swallowing food
  • Increasing range of food the child will try
  • Improving oral motor and feeding skills to develop age appropriate feeding skills for adequate growth and nutrition
  • Establishing a program to continue the child's progress at home