"The Speech Tree is a phenomenal, warm place with amazing Staff!  My son has been going here for 3 years,  working with Lauren. Firstly, she's a true professional, very knowledgeable and also a sweet, kind, and patient person. My son simply cannot wait to see her every week. Secondly, We've seen a tremendous, measurable improvement in his speech and language development. Going from just labeling to speaking in full sentences! I highly recommend Speech Tree. "

-Victoria S. 

"Amazing is the only word I can use to describe our experience at speech tree. My son sees Harla and she is the best! She has transformed my son so much in the few weeks we have been there. I cannot wait to continue to see where he will be in the future. The entire staff is so warm and welcoming and I could not be happier. "

-Stephanie H.

"My daughter has been working with Harla two times a week for about a month for speech and eating therapy. From the moment we met Harla we knew she was amazing! Our daughters progress has been remarkable and my  husband and I will be forever grateful to her. We feel blessed that Harla has come into our lives and look forward to each session simply because we know as parents we made the right decision when we walked into The Speech Tree and was greeted by that sweet smile on Harla's  face." 

-Rachel G.


 " I met Harla 4 years ago when she evaluated my older son  regarding a concern about  stuttering.  She left a wonderful impression  on my husband and I. So when my younger son, Christian turned 18 months and was still not talking I knew exactly where to go....The Speech Tree!

Harla  has worked with Christian for a year now and the progress he has made  is astounding!  Her vast knowledge of child developement and genuine  care for my son helped me better understand his delays and the therapy  needed to help him reach his milestones.  Christian has caught up in so  many areas and continues to amaze me with the progress he makes each  week. Christian loves his "playdates" with Harla. He is always so happy to see her. The warm and inviting atmosphere will make any child feel right at home. Harla has  a wealth of information to help parents transition her strategies into  everyday life at home. It has allowed me to easily practice with my son  without adding stress to an already busy schedule. Her unique blend of strategies and services are always tailored to fit Christian's needs. Harla is an absolute gift to my family and we will be forever grateful."

-Christina T

"Michelle and Harla are like my second family. Michelle and Harla go  above and beyond to help teach you how to help your child as well as  have their own techniques to get them to speak clearly or eat foods that are impossible to get near them  at home. It's truly amazing how the kids go in and are excited to work.  Lorraine helps makes dealing with insurance easier.  The Speech Tree is  a blessing to us. I don't know where I would have been without those  girls." 

-Shirlene R. 

"About a year ago, when our daughter was 5 1/2, we contacted Harla Rudolph at "The Speech Tree" for feeding therapy, because our daughter was not eating very well. She had many issues with texture, in addition, she would refuse to try any new foods. Everything she ate had to be of a soft consistency. Harla has completely changed all that! She has been incredible with our daughter and has created a feeding program that  works best for her! I look back to a year ago and cannot believe how far  she has come! Now we can go to a party or restaurant and not have to  worry about bringing special meals for our daughter any longer! She gets  very excited to sit with her friends at a party and eat whatever is  being served. Our daughter is a completely different child now and meal  time is no longer a struggle. We are truly grateful for everything Harla  has accomplished with her, especially how she has educated my husband  and I, and given us the tools we needed to help our daughter alleviate  any future food issues. We highly recommend Harla Rudolph at The Speech  Tree. She has changed our lives!"
-Elaine Genco